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Exclusive reports and insights from a team that deeply understands the agriculture and energy commodity markets.

Never miss a piece of critical intel

Our team analyzes hundreds of data sources, news, and trends to identify what is more relevant in every commodity market. We then translate all that into insightful reports and deliver them according to your preferences.

Understand the “why” behind market data

Our reports provide more than just numbers. We help you quickly identify trends and opportunities within your markets by analyzing data and providing crucial insights for several commodities.

We go beyond reports

In addition to periodicals, our team produces exclusive content and invites you to discuss current issues through online and face-to-face events, such as webinars, round tables and seminars. Our whitepapers, quick takes and infographics bring you in a simple and direct way everything you need to know about your market, straight to the point.

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We keep a close watch on global movements in the commodities markets and offer more than “just information”. Our Market Intelligence professionals provide valuable analytics and insights to assist our clients to make the best decisions.

Through quantitative and qualitative analyses, we cover risk management in the commodity markets and their trends, addressing topics related to the universe of macroeconomic, agriculture, and energy issues. 

We make our resources available to our customers so that we are always the best choice.

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