Commodities agricultural: check out the annual release schedule of the main reports

Agricultural commodities: check out the annual calendar with forecasts for the release of the main reports for this market.

March 6, 2024

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Our annual commodities calendar brings you up to date with the most important market reports. Follow the main forecasts for the release of reports from Conab (Brazilian National Supply Company) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).

These institutions are a benchmark when it comes to agricultural projections. Both bring together detailed analyses of the development of soybean, corn, wheat, coffee, sugar, cotton, and cocoa crops, for example. Conab focuses on Brazil. The USDA, on the other hand, also includes global production estimates.

Read on to find out more and check out the exclusive calendar provided by hEDGEpoint.

What is Conab and what is its importance?

Conab is a public company based in Brasilia and linked to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Family Agriculture. Present in all Brazilian regions, its mission is to provide agricultural intelligence and participate in the formulation and execution of public policies related to this sector.

Its strategic importance lies in providing up-to-date and complete information on national agricultural production, through surveys of:

  • Crop forecasts.
  • Production and storage costs.
  • Stock positioning.
  • Market indicators.

It also carries out technical studies that make it possible to analyze supply and demand. In this way, Conab assesses Brazil’s grain, fiber, coffee, and sugar cane harvests.

All the information can be found in the Data Tables and in the Crop Survey and Evaluation Bulletins. These documents contain the estimates by crop for the different units of the Federation.

In these reports, commodity market participants have access to phytotechnical and economic analyses, with indications that include:

  • Planted area.
  • Total production.
  • Average productivity,
  • Agricultural monitoring.
  • Climate prognosis.
  • Relationship between supply and demand.

Conab therefore brings essential information and knowledge to the players involved in the commodities market. They can understand the challenges of agriculture and food security in the country.

The publications are fundamental for understanding the results of the harvest and provide support for monitoring and formulating strategies. They therefore help farmers make decisions.

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Find out what role the USDA plays in the commodities market

The USDA is a federal government agency in the United States responsible for overseeing and regulating policies related to agriculture, food, nutrition, and forestry issues. Founded in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln, the department plays an important role in agricultural research and the development of sustainable technologies and practices.

In addition, the USDA promotes international trade in US agricultural products. Through its various agencies and programs, it has a significant influence on the global agricultural sector. In all, it has more than 90 offices around the world and publishes various reports with information on agricultural markets.

As such, the USDA provides an official overview of grain supplies. In this way, it gives farmers, industries, agribusiness companies, and other market players an idea of the direction of actions for the coming months.

To this end, the department publishes a variety of reports that provide essential information on the agricultural and food market. Some of the most important reports include:

●      Report from World Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE)

It provides up-to-date estimates of world supply and demand for grains, oilseeds and other agricultural products. It strongly influences the prices of food and agricultural commodities.

●      Crop Progress Report

It offers updates on the development of crops in the United States. Includes information on planting, weather conditions and crop progress.

●      Grain Stocks Report

It gathers data on grain stocks in the United States, which includes corn, wheat and soybeans. This data is fundamental to understanding the available supply and can affect the prices of agricultural products.

●      Prospective Plantings Report

It provides a detailed overview of farmers’ planting intentions for the next harvest. In other words, it helps predict future supply and guide business decisions.

●      Agricultural Exports Report (Export Sales Report)

It includes information on sales and shipments of US agricultural products abroad. It is therefore important for determining global demand for US agricultural products.

These are just a few examples of the many reports released by the USDA. Each one plays a specific role in analyzing and making decisions in the agricultural market.

Annual calendar: estimates of the main Conab and USDA reports

Below you can see the calendar with the estimated releases of the main Conab and USDA reports.

Pay attention, because they are fundamental to the market. After all, these indicators guide the supply and demand of commodities.

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    hEDGEpoint: market intelligence to analyze all movements

    At hEDGEpoint, we have a market intelligence team to analyze, understand, and summarize all Conab and USDA reports. Our team closely monitors the factors that influence the balance of supply and demand for each commodity.

    We also assess how the data provided reflects on the various players in this sector. We then provide facts and insights that relate to the current moment and the future. To do this, we carry out robust analysis and statistical modeling that form the foundations of each market.

    The volatile nature of commodities requires in-depth analysis to anticipate changes. To this end, we monitor economic, political, and climatic aspects by producing updated reports and studies of market trends.

    If you’re looking for informed analysis, it’s time to get to know hEDGEpoint HUB. Register now on our exclusive platform, receive a 1-month free trial and access our market intelligence materials!

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