hEDGEpoint in Uruguay: New HQ for the LATAM public

hEDGEpoint is in full global expansion mode, taking its expertise to all continents. Now, it also has headquarters in Uruguay to better serve the LATAM public.

December 15

hEDGEpoint Global Markets

While agribusiness is directly linked to the land and the countryside, it’s also inevitably related to innovation and technology. The agro and energy markets involve a large ecosystem of companies, suppliers, the supply chain, and other markets that move in parallel.

This is because it’s not only the commodity producers that make up this picture, but a whole chain that involves various modes of transport, supplies for agriculture and livestock, fertilizer, machinery, and many other ingredients that, in turn, impact other business areas.

Currently, technologies, startups, and financial institutions have also dedicated themselves to this market. After all, it’s one of the most vital in the world, as it’s where the food that feeds the entire planet comes from.

hEDGEpoint already has years of experience as a partner in the entire agro chain, combining the use of high technology with the latest in tools for analysis and market insights with extensive knowledge of the field, and specialists in each area.

While technology provides greater ease in communication with the entire world, there’s still a special value in being physically close. Therefore hEDGEpoint aims to open new offices like the newest one in Uruguay.

 Where is hEDGEpoint geographically?

hEDGEpoint is located in strategic locations, which helps carry out its global vision, combined with local impacts, providing the structure to serve clients everywhere in the world.

If today our largest offices are in Brazil and the United States, it’s not by chance. These two countries are great exponents of the agro market, dominating areas such as soy, meat, coffee, and corn production, in addition to many other varieties—in smaller yet expressive numbers.

In the U.S., we’re in Chicago, the city that hosts the financial exchange where the commodity prices around the world are set. There, the biggest agricultural commodity negotiations happen, affecting the global economy, The effects of the agro market end up reflected in economic movements as a whole.

In Brazil, we’re present in the South and Southeast. Together with the Midwest region, these are the largest national producers of commodities. For example, 70% of soy production is concentrated in four states: Mato Grosso, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, and Goiás.

Switzerland has another hEDGEpoint office. This is a location chosen for its ease of integration with the European market, and proximity to strategic hubs.

Since hEDGEpoint is a company spcialized in analyzing economic scenarios to obtain insights and detect trends, it’s in Uruguay where all the characteristics come together to better serve its Latin American customers by offering hedging solutions.

New hEDGEpoint office will be in Uruguay

Among South American countries, Uruguay is one of the most developed, with one of the region’s best GDP rates per capita. Its privileged location favors economic relations, exports and imports, and means an advance in physical expansion in the Americas, providing greater proximity to the countries in the region.

With a small land mass (it’s the second smallest country on the subcontinent) and a population of only 3.5 million inhabitants (about ¼ of the city of São Paulo’s population), the country has a privileged location and quality of life proven by a high Human Development Index (HDI) score.

For business, other qualities stand out. The political and economic stability Uruguay has achieved in recent years pleases investors, and attracts many foreigners who want to expand their businesses.

In addition, the region offers excellent logistical infrastructure. There are 15 ports, of which 8 are commercial, located in different areas. It’s also associated with numerous free zones and free trade agreements, as well as its participation in Mercosur, ALADI, and other regional blocs, optimizing processes and reducing bureaucracy.

Uruguay also stands out in terms of the qualifications of its people. It’s the only country in the world to have one notebook computer per student in all schools. The level of language education is also high. With Spanish as their mother tongue, more than half of the population also speak English, and 30% communicate in Portuguese. The rates rise to 82% and 43%, respectively, if we consider people with higher education.

Agribusiness in Uruguay

Uruguay’s economy is also rooted in agriculture. Livestock is the flagship, giving the country’s meat fame and prestige worldwide, in addition to a large share in the GDP. This is due to the sizeable areas of quality pasture dedicated to animal husbandry.

Other outstanding products are also derived from animals, such as milk, leather, and wool. The world-famous “dulce de leche” (condensed milk sweet) comes from there. Among the grains, the cultivation of rice, soybeans, corn, barley, and wheat are highlights. Other large-scale commodity production includes sugar cane, oranges, grapes, potatoes, and more.

hEDGEpoint expands its LATAM operations with new Uruguay office

hEDGEpoint is taking yet another step to better serve and get closer to another relevant country in agribusiness. “hEDGEpoint will be connected to the entire agribusiness chain, from farming to the industrialization and consumption chain, and will draw closer to our customers to better understand their needs. We think about our products with a global vision, sharing our solid knowledge of commodity markets in the Americas”, says Sol Arcidiacono, Head of Grains in the Latin American division.

All our expertise in risk management through technology and knowledge will be available to enable our clients to transform financial risks into opportunities. We believe that creating good hedging strategy can be the key to avoiding unpleasant surprises in financial planning. But it’s not enough to just decide to use this form of protection without extensive study and prior knowledge.

For this, we offer solutions in hedging and protection against volatility for the global chain of agricultural and energy commodities, always based on the best analysis and market intelligence studies.

hEDGEpoint combines the knowledge of specialists in agro markets with risk management solutions through technology and customized consulting to always offer the best experience in futures operations.

We are globally present, and always ready to serve you anytime—anywhere. Get in touch with a consultant to learn more about how to use this instrument to favor your business.

Talk with a hEDGEpoint specialist.

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